Welcome to Mclean County Museum of History

Jan 9, 2018

Discover the Fascinating History

The Mclean County Museum of History, located in the heart of Mclean County, is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. Our museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of the Mclean County area, allowing visitors to delve into the captivating stories that have shaped our community.

Exhibits and Artifacts

At Mclean County Museum of History, we take pride in our extensive collection of exhibits and artifacts that offer a glimpse into the area's past. Whether you're interested in local industry, notable figures, or significant events, our exhibits cover a wide range of topics.

The Pioneer Era

Step back in time and discover the challenges and triumphs of the pioneer era. Explore our interactive displays that recreate the daily lives of early settlers, showcasing their resilience and determination.

Growth and Development

Learn about the rapid growth and development of Mclean County during the 19th and 20th centuries. From agricultural advancements to industrial innovation, our exhibits reveal the transformative changes that shaped the region's prosperity.

Notable Figures

Get acquainted with the influential individuals who left their mark on Mclean County's history. Explore the stories of politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders who played pivotal roles in shaping our community.

Engaging and Educational Programs

At Mclean County Museum of History, we believe in providing enriching experiences for visitors of all ages. Our range of engaging and educational programs cater to different interests and learning styles.

Guided Tours

Join our knowledgeable guides on a captivating journey through the museum's exhibits. Gain deeper insights into the artifacts and stories that define Mclean County's past. Tours are available for individuals and groups.

Hands-On Workshops

Get hands-on and dive deeper into history with our interactive workshops. From arts and crafts inspired by historical techniques to immersive demonstrations, these workshops offer a unique way to experience the past.

Lectures and Seminars

Expand your knowledge with our enlightening lectures and seminars. We regularly invite renowned speakers and historians to share their expertise on various topics related to Mclean County's history. Don't miss out on these engaging educational opportunities.

Planning Your Visit

When visiting the Mclean County Museum of History, we want to ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential details to help you plan your visit:

Location and Hours

We are conveniently located in the heart of Mclean County at 200 N Main St, Bloomington, IL. Our museum is open from 9 AM to 4 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Admission and Tickets

General admission to the museum is $10 for adults, $7 for seniors (60+), and $5 for students (with valid ID). Children under 12 years of age receive free admission. Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum's entrance.


The Mclean County Museum of History is committed to providing access to all visitors. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible, and we offer accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Please let us know in advance if you require any specific assistance.

Museum Shop and Cafe

Make sure to visit our museum shop to find unique souvenirs, books, and gifts related to Mclean County's history. After exploring the exhibits, take a break at our on-site cafe, where you can enjoy a variety of refreshments and snacks.

Immerse Yourself in Mclean County's History

The Mclean County Museum of History invites you to embark on a journey through time. Uncover the fascinating stories, experience the vibrant past, and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage of Mclean County. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the captivating narratives that have shaped our community.

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Courtney Flores
This museum is a must-visit! 🏛️🔍 So much history to explore!
Oct 7, 2023